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The Land Rover Discovery is an offroad focused mid-size SUV, from the British car maker Land Rover. There have been four generations of the vehicle, which was first introduced in 1989. The current Discovery 4 is marketed in North America as the LR4. Globally the Discovery 1, Discovery 2 and Discovery 3 are marketed or called the LR 1, 2 and 3.

The Discovery was introduced into the United Kingdom in 1989. The company code-named the vehicle "Project Jay". The new model was based on the chassis and drivetrain of the more upmarket Range Rover, but with a lower price aimed at a larger market segment and intended to compete with Japanese offerings. This was the only Discovery generation with a four-cylinder petrol engine.

The Discovery was initially available only as a three-door version and the five-door became available the following year. Both were fitted with five seats, with the option to have two further seats fitted in the boot. Land Rover employed an external consultancy, Conran Design Group, to design the interior. The brief was to ignore current car interior design and position the vehicle as a 'lifestyle accessory'. The interior incorporated a number of original features, although some ideas shown on the original interior mock-ups constructed inside a Range Rover bodyshell at Conran's workshops were left on the shelf, such as a custom sunglasses holder built into the centre of the steering wheel. The design was unveiled to critical acclaim, and won a British Design Award in 1989.

Land Rover Discovery 1 spare parts.

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1 Front Body Parts

Discovery 1 Body Parts Front.

New and used bonnet, side fender, wheel arch.

Original front bumper.

Full front grills.

1 Rear Body Parts

Discovery 1 Body Parts Rear.

Rear tub floor assembly.


New and repaired bumpers.

Full repairs done to a high standard, sprayed and fitted.

1 Engines
Discovery 1 Engines.

300 TDI new bare cylinder heads.

300 TDI new complete cylinder heads.

Please contact us for terms, conditions, warranty's and deliveries.

1 Doors

Discovery 1 Used Doors.

Front Doors.

Rear Doors.

Door seals and door handles, door replacement mirrors, door locks, beads, elbow bead, glass and all central locking motors etc.

1 Pumps and Electrical

Discovery 1 Electrical Parts.

Many new and used headlamps.

Spot lamps and indicator lamps in stock.

Many more Discovery spare parts available so please call us for pricing.

1 Replacement Glasses
Discovery 1 Glass.

Call us now for new and used prices on door glasses.

Windscreens, Tail door glass and dome glasses.

Sunroof glass, fender glasses and lots of stock available, new front windscreen fitted on site.

1 Gearbox and Diff

A full range of new and used Discovery 1 units available on exchange.

Guaranteed reconditioned units available for TDI and V8 models.

Unbeatable prices on used gearboxes and transfer boxes.

1 Interior Parts

Discovery 1 Interior Parts.

Many assorted complete sets to choose from, please call for pictures and pricing.

Complete dash boards.

Gear lever boots available in vinyl and leather.

1 Suspension

Discovery 1 Suspension.

New and used shocks, differentials, control arms, stub axles, tie rod ends, bushes, hubs, brake discs and pads.

Steering boxes, drive shafts, cv joints, wheels and tyres etc.

Land Rover Discovery 2 new and used spare parts at low prices.

Discovery 2 Body Parts

Discovery 2 Body Parts Front.

Discovery 2 (Pre-facelift) New headlamps

Discovery 2 (facelift) Zenon used headlamps

Discovery 2 (facelift) Zenon new headlamps

Many new and used headlamps, spot lamps and indicator lamps.

Discovery 2 Rear Body Parts

Discovery 2 Body Parts Rear.

Rear bumper and body tail lamps.

Complete tail doors.

Tail door locks, Actuators.

New and used rear fenders, 1/4 sections, fender glasses and tow bars.

2 Engines
Discovery 2 Engines.

Complete 3.9L, 4.0L, 4.6L motors in stock on exchange.

3.9L, 4.0L, 4.6L used engine head, sump and block (combo unit).

Block and sump for a 3.9L, 4.0L, 4.6L reconditioned head (combo unit).

3.9L, 4.0L, 4.6L block and cylinder heads.

Discovery 2 Doors

Discovery 2 New and Used Doors.

Tail doors/5th doors.

Rubber door seals, window mount brackets, central locking door motors.

Back door, front door.

Discovery 2 Pumps and Electrical

Discovery 2 Electrical Parts.

Electronic fuel pump, TD5 vacuum pump, braking system.

Diesel pump, battery and voltage problems.

Starter motors and HP pumps.

New A.C.E. pumps, TD5 oil pumps, TD5 water pumps and reconditioned alternators available on exchange.

Discovery 2 Replacement Glasses
Discovery 2 Glass.

Call us for prices on door glasses.

Brand new windscreens fitted at our new quality workshop or on site.

New and used prices on door glasses, windscreens, Tail door glass, dome glasses, sunroof glass, fender glasses.

Discovery 2 Gearbox and Diff

Discovery 2 Gearbox.

If we don't have it in stock we will source it for you.

Complete automatic and manual gearboxes.

Good used rear diffs available on exchange.

Discovery 2 Interior Parts

Discovery 2 Interior Parts.

Complete sets of interiors to choose from.

Door handles, door inner trims, dashboards, airbags.

Cubby hole lids, carpets, mats, hood linings, door seals, Tail door trims, all trim panels.

Discovery 2 Suspension
Discovery 2 Suspension.

Differentials, control arms, stub axles, shocks, tie rod ends, bushes, hubs, brake discs and pads.

Steering boxes, drive shafts, cv joints, wheels, tyres etc.

New A.C.E. pumps available.

Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 new and used spare parts at the cheapest prices.

Discovery 3 and 4 Front Body Parts

Discovery 3 and 4 Body Parts Front.

Discovery 3 used front bumpers.

Discovery 3 used headlamps and spot lamps, bonnets, radiator cradles, fenders always available.

Discovery 4 headlamps in stock.

Discovery 4 front fenders in stock.

Discovery 3 and 4 Rear Body Parts

Discovery 3 and 4 Body Parts Rear.

Rear bumpers, Discovery 3 and 4 available.

Upper and lower tail doors, tail lamps.

Rear fenders, rear 1/4 sections available.

Discovery 4 Tail lamps available, trade your used Discovery 3 tail lamps in.

Discovery 3 and 4 Engines
Discovery 3 and 4 Engines.

Discovery 3 V8 Engines.

Used Discovery 3 TDV6 Engines.

New Discovery 3 TDV6 Sub assembly's, Discovery 3 TDV6 Engines available.

Please contact us for Discovery 4 engines, terms, conditions, warranty's and deliveries.

3 and 4 Doors

Discovery 3 and 4 Used Doors.

Front and rear doors.

Door seals and door handles.

Door mirrors, door locks, door beads, elbow bead, door glass, central locking motors etc.

3 and 4 Pumps and Electrical

Discovery 3 and 4 Electrical Parts.

Fuse boxes and Diesel pumps.

ECU's,alternators and fuel pumps wiring harness, electric window motors, sunroof mechanism, windscreen washer motors.

Water pumps, headlamp washer pumps, windscreen wiper motors, etc. Contact us now.

New Air suspension compressors.

3 and 4 Replacement Glasses
Discovery 3 and 4 Glass.

We have stock of almost every replacement glass there is for the Disco 3 and 4, Sunroof, tail gate, drivers door etc.

Please contact us for the latest stock and price list for any Land Rover Discovery part.

3 and 4 Gearbox and Diff

Discovery 3 and 4 Gearbox.

Used Auto box, used transfer box, reconditioned transfer boxes.

Reconditioned front differentials, reconditioned rear differentials and all units are on an exchange basis only.

3 and 4 Interior Parts

Discovery 3 and 4 Interior Parts.

Many assorted complete sets to choose from, please call for pictures and pricing.

Door handles, door inner trims, steering wheels, cluster units.

Gear boots, dash consoles, centre consoles, dashboard clocks, mats, hood linings.

Tail door trims and all trim panels.

3 and 4 Suspension
Discovery 3 and 4 Suspension.

Centre bearing rear prop shaft.

Front lower control arm bushes.

Rear control arm bushes, ball joints, compressor air suspension.

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