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Welcome to the 1st edition of the 'Overlander Chronicles' for 2015, we wish you all the best for this year and thank you for your continued support. This year has started off with a massive bang and that bang being a lot of engines calling it quits so be sure to read further about this 26000km service interval. We are definitely going to make more time for 4x4 journeys and events that we will keep you up to date using the Chronicles.

We landed our new stock of Koni shocks for Land Rover and decreased the price by almost R500 per shock. We are the Official Land Rover Agent for Koni Shocks South Africa so if you are looking for top quality shocks at the best prices nation wide.

Powerflex bushes for Land Rover Discovery 3, Discovery 4 and Range Rover Sport are stocked up and ready to end your problems once and for all. Polyurethane bushes that not only improves off road and performance driving but has a lifetime warranty. You will save over R4000 if they had to change the bushes on the second time around.

Acrotek 4x4 Accessories are hard at work trying to get all your favorite accessories made locally at a high quality yet better priced than other accessories currently on the market. Acrotek Lift Rods give your Discovery 3, Discovery 4 and Range Rover Sport over 2 inches all round lift in all terrain modes. Acrotek Bash Plates available in Black and Silver made from laser cut, pressed cold rolled steel to absorb even the hardest of knocks. Acrotek 4x4 Accessories have just finished the new, upgraded, stronger Spare Wheel Carrier for your Defender that is easy to fit with instructions.

We have also printed stock of our Defender Decal sets available in Light and Dark versions. Similar ones from Land Rover can cost over R5000 and ours is printed and not layered vinyls which makes application easier.

Just landed
Acrotek Bash Plate

Acrotek Bash Plates - Land Rover Defender

This easy to fit bash plate offers a stylish look but does exactly what the name says. It is constructed in such a way that if you had to take a serious knock it would soften the knock or break at certain points to stop the energy transferred onto your engine or even chassis. Our custom made mild steel bash plates are powder coated for a longer life span and easy cleaning. These bash plates are available in both Black and Silver.

Acrotek Lift Rod

Acrotek Lift Rods - Land Rover Discovery 3, 4 and Range Rover Sport

Would you say no to an extra 2.5 inches...

Acrotek Lift Rods are made from top quality precision rolled steel and coated in black eCoating that is mark resistant and rust proof. Based on the same system as the factory fitted plastic height sensor rods the Acrotek Lift Rods offer you an accurate dependable all round lift. The Lift Rods increase the lift by 2.5 inches in all operating modes without effecting any of the terrain modes.

Your Landy will be 2.5 inches higher in everyday driving mode as well as in off road mode but remain a comfortable drive and will improve off-road performance tremendously.


Acrotek LR Spares sticker sets for the 90 and 110 Defenders

New sticker kits for the Defender Series so please email us and let us know if you would be interested in owning a new set of decals for your Defender.

Landy Fan

Interested in building a helpful Land Rover only community?

If you drive a Land Rover and tired of Jeep drivers having pointless comments and would like a 4x4 community with Land Rover enthusiasts then check out Landy Started by a small group of Land Rover fans and built for ease of use to create a large network of both knowledgeable and experienced Land Rover owners. If you have recently bought a Land Rover and looking for even the most basic information, troubleshooting, servicing, recommendations and accessories then this is the place to ask. Please register and invite all your Landy friends to help us grow this Landy Fan Community.


Is the Land Rover 26000km Service Interval leaving you stranded?

This year has started off with a bang and that bang being the sound of Land Rover engines all over South Africa. Even though this is a very touchy subject we think that people should hear what Land Rover UK recommends when driving your vehicle. When we heard that you can buy a new Land Rover and only service it every 26000kms/12 months (which ever comes first) our hearts broke for all the people who decided to follow this recommendation. Before we dive any further into this subject Acrotek LR Spares would just like to clarify that this is purely our opinion based on our Land Rover and engine experience.

We get new clients almost everyday requesting a quote for a new, used or reconditioned motor for their Landy that decided to call it quits after this December vacation. When we ask them what is wrong with their current motor as well as the history of the vehicle and the sentence always ends with 'I made sure I had the vehicle serviced every 26000kms or 12 months, which ever came first'. After noticing a massive trend with engines going we decided to look further into it to try find a reason or at a speculation at least.

The guys in the UK have a completely different grasp on Service Intervals based mainly on vehicle use and driving style which makes more sense. So take a look below and let us know what you think...


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We are always trying to improve our quality of service and if you have received a quotation or services that you are not entirely happy with, please will you contact Paul at the office. In order for us to improve our services we need to know the areas you feel need some attention and look forward to some feedback.

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