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Welcome to the 19 Edition of the Overlander Chronicles for 2014 and warm welcome to all you new subscribers and we hope you enjoy the information laid out in every edition. Please remember to add this email address to your safe senders list to avoid your future editions being sent to the spam/junk box as we work hard to make sure we release a quality edition that contains helpful 4x4 and Land Rover information. We can't believe that we are already in the full swing of summer and yet we have not had those heavy rains to mark the start of the season. Normally most of the 4x4 tracks are all muddy and ready to rock with lush green grass and bush in the surrounding trails but on most of our visits we have noticed dry hard ground with that dust that cloggs even the cleanest filters.

With the launch of October Fest you will see discounts unlike before on new spare parts for your Land Rovers. You can see anything from the minimum of 10% heading right up to 25% off full retail prices depending on the product. We have been working tirelessly on all our new accessories range and should be getting in all our new stock of Spare Wheel Carriers, Bash Plates and Johnson Rods. We are looking into a new range of LED Lights so have limited stock but the prices are the best out there so be sure to have a look at the products display below.

Be sure to contact us for upgrades, additions and services slightly earlier this year before the December rush as we are already sitting on a 5 day waiting list and it will be getting longer. Send your car in for a 20 point check, diagnostic, brake check, tyre check, oil check before travelling those long distances over the festive period. Be sure to look at the Disco 3 service specials below or just contact our friendly Sales Team for more information.

Don't forget to follow us on twitter for the latest updates, some helpful information, trips and new products. Head over and share your thoughts, experience and ideas on our Facebook Page. It would be really great if you could also be our 500th Like on our Facebook page and if you manage to beat everyone else let us know and you could get a little something special from us.


Sticker of the month!

One of our clients bought a spare wheel carrier and was flashing this winner of a sticker. Only the best can love a Defender...

Just landed
Discovery 3 Service

Save money for other golden moments in life - October Fest

LED Specials

Order a round of spare parts over the counter - October Fest

Find the fun

Let us get you a case of spare parts - October Fest

New Stock Arriving Soon

New Koni Shocks Landing in time for a few hits - October Fest


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Please email our Sales Team for assistance with your Land Rover

If you have any questions regarding products or require a quotation please can you email them on instead of replying directly to the Overlander Chronicles on Your email will however reach our Sales Team by means of forwarding but we would like to respond quicker and help you out asap.

Enquire for a list of part items you require or call us on +27(0)11 963 3496/87

We try stay competitive and will beat any written quote within our limits. We are looking for all accident damaged and unwanted Landy's. If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please contact us by phone or email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. All our prices on line or quoted are exclusive of VAT.

We are always trying to improve our quality of service and if you have recieved a quotation or services that you are not entirely happy with, please will you contact Paul at the office. In order for us to improve our services we need to know the areas you feel need some attention and look forward to some feedback.

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