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We have everything you need to have and know about winches and Land Rover recovery

Modern recovery equipment is extremely sophisticated and manufactured in quantity throughout the world. However up until the mid-seventies a large proportion of the equipment in use was homemade, often just consisting of a ridged jib and a simple block and tackle. Modern recovery vehicles come with a bewildering number of accessories. These include power units to supply air for power tools or pumping off vehicle breaking systems, etc. Generators supply 110 or 220 volt mains power for floodlighting, tools, etc. Most vehicles will be equipped with an assortment of lifting strops or chains and webbing to secure loads. A special form of webbing called a snatch strap is sometimes carried to assist with vehicles that are bogged down in mud, etc.

Nearly all vehicles will be fitted with 12 or 24 volt 'jump start' or 'booster' sockets to start other vehicles with discharged batteries. Most will also have power winches to load the casualty, or for dislodging stuck vehicles. Some larger recovery vehicles will have two (or more) winches capable of pulling up to 30 tons per line. These will be used to winch back vehicles that have left the roadway.

T-Max - Maximum Off-road Recovery

The name T-Max winches has been around Australia now for over 15 years. The name has gone through the hands of several suppliers over this period of time. Now for the 1st time T-Max winches is distributed by a company dedicated to the T-Max brand, T-Max Australia Pty Ltd.

T-Max Australia is focused on the Australian distribution through the many quality 4x4 and automotive outlets. T-Max provides quality products that have stood the test of time. We are sole Australian distributor for T-Max winches in the 4x4 and industrial winch market.

Warn - Authentic Through and Through

WARN industries was born amidst the rugged mountains and terrain in the Northwestern USA.

Some of the world's finest off-road products for LCV's and SUV vehicles have been rolling off WARN loading docks for more than 60 years. They are proud to say they maintain that authentic off-road heritage even today.

The Southern Africa terrain offers harsh conditions and extreme use of 4x4 vehicles, making it an ideal testing environment for the strength and durability of WARN winches. Southern Africa is a key market for design input and development for WARN winches.

At WARN, the line between work and play gets blurred. Because, like many of our customers, they love what they do. Whether they're crafting self-recovery winches for off-road use, or lifting/pulling devices for hard-core firefighters, they get the job done the right way. The WARN way!

Used to help in the recovery of vehicles bogged in sand or mud

Snatch straps are manufactured from webbing that is capable of approximately 20% stretch under load. This stretching property allows the strap to store kinetic energy, which is used to pull vehicles from a bog. Snatch straps are typically between 6 m and 15 m in length, with 9 m being a common size. Snatch straps also have ratings of permissible working load - e.g. 8,000 kg.

A snatch strap is used by attaching one end to a rated recovery point on the bogged vehicle (e.g. a recovery hook or loop on the chassis). A second vehicle is required to do the recovery. The snatch strap is laid out on the ground in the direction the bogged vehicle is to be recovered (either forwards or backwards), with an "S" bend in the middle approximately 1m in length. The recovery vehicle is backed up so that the snatch strap can be attached to a second rated recovery point on the rear of the recovery vehicle. The recovery vehicle then drives off, and the strap begins to stretch, building up potential energy, until the force keeping the vehicle bogged is overcome, at which point the bogged vehicle is pulled forward (or "snatched", hence the name).

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