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Land Rover Discovery, Freelander, Defender 4×4 accessories.

Our range of accessories adds style, capability and individuality to your Land Rover.

Specialized Land Rover Accessories

All accessories are individually available and can be fitted at our workshop in Benoni. From electric winches, spare wheel carriers, bash plates, lift rods and side steps to light protectors, we’ve got every accessory to cater to your individual needs.

These options include:

  • Spare Wheel Carriers for Land Rover Discovery and Defender
  • Aluminium Defender Roof Racks
  • Custom bull bars for Defenders and Discovery’s
  • Range Rover and Discovery Side Steps
  • Discovery 3, Discovery 4 and Range Rover Sport Lift Rods
  • Axe Brackets
  • Hi-Lift Jack Brackets
  • Land Rover Defender 90, 110 and 130 Bash Plates
  • Rock Sliders
  • Defender Glove Box Extension Compartments
  • Spade / Shovel Brackets
  • Hi-Lift Jack Adapters
  • Defender Steering and Sump Guards

Discovery 3, Discovery 4, Range Rover Sport & Range Rover Vogue Grills

The following options are available:

  • Land Rover Discovery 3 Grill
  • Land Rover Discovery 4 Grill
  • Range Rover Sport from 2006 – 2009
  • Range Rover Sport from 2010 – 2013
  • Range Rover Vogue from 2003 – 2005
  • Range Rover Vogue from 2006 – 2009
  • Range Rover Vogue from 2010 – 2013

Please take a moment to look at the slide show below, there you will see all of the options we have available – Land Rover badges are not included.

Defender 90 Body Parts Front







Our bull bars are designed for the Land Rover Defender and Discovery 3 with modern styling at top quality.

Come visit our workshop to see all the accessories we stock or even get a quote on a high-quality custom fit.

Frontal protection bars, tow bars, bull bars or whatever you call them, are always going to be a part of 4x4ing. Whether you feel you need a bull bar to protect your car in peak hour traffic or from a buck on country roads. The decision-making process prior to fitting the bar is not one to be taken lightly. From small nudge bars to full winch bars, all have been designed to protect your vehicle as best they can.


Winches & Recovery

We Have Everything You Need To Have & Know About Winches & Land Rover Recovery

Modern recovery equipment is extremely sophisticated and manufactured in quantity throughout the world. However up until the mid-seventies a large proportion of the equipment in use was homemade, often just consisting of a ridged jib and a simple block and tackle. Modern recovery vehicles come with a bewildering number of accessories. These include power units to supply air for power tools or pumping off vehicle breaking systems, etc. Generators supply 110 or 220 volt mains power for floodlighting, tools, etc. Most vehicles will be equipped with an assortment of lifting strops or chains and webbing to secure loads. A special form of webbing called a snatch strap is sometimes carried to assist with vehicles that are bogged down in mud, etc.

Nearly all vehicles will be fitted with 12 or 24 volt ‘jump start’ or ‘booster’ sockets to start other vehicles with discharged batteries. Most will also have power winches to load the casualty, or for dislodging stuck vehicles. Some larger recovery vehicles will have two (or more) winches capable of pulling up to 30 tons per line. These will be used to winch back vehicles that have left the roadway.

T-Max – Maximum Off-Road Recovery

The name T-Max winches has been around Australia now for over 15 years. The name has gone through the hands of several suppliers over this period of time. Now for the 1st time T-Max winches is distributed by a company dedicated to the T-Max brand, T-Max Australia Pty Ltd.

T-Max Australia is focused on the Australian distribution through the many quality 4×4 and automotive outlets. T-Max provides quality products that have stood the test of time. We are sole Australian distributor for T-Max winches in the 4×4 and industrial winch market.




Warn – Authentic Through & Through

WARN industries was born amidst the rugged mountains and terrain in the Northwestern USA.

Some of the world’s finest off-road products for LCV’s and SUV vehicles have been rolling off WARN loading docks for more than 60 years. They are proud to say they maintain that authentic off-road heritage even today.

The Southern Africa terrain offers harsh conditions and extreme use of 4×4 vehicles, making it an ideal testing environment for the strength and durability of WARN winches. Southern Africa is a key market for design input and development for WARN winches.

At WARN, the line between work and play gets blurred. Because, like many of our customers, they love what they do. Whether they’re crafting self-recovery winches for off-road use, or lifting/pulling devices for hard-core firefighters, they get the job done the right way. The WARN way!




 Used to Help In The Recovery Of Vehicles Bogged In Sand Or Mud

Snatch straps are manufactured from webbing that is capable of approximately 20% stretch under load. This stretching property allows the strap to store kinetic energy, which is used to pull vehicles from a bog. Snatch straps are typically between 6 m and 15 m in length, with 9 m being a common size. Snatch straps also have ratings of permissible working load – e.g. 8,000 kg.

A snatch strap is used by attaching one end to a rated recovery point on the bogged vehicle (e.g. a recovery hook or loop on the chassis). A second vehicle is required to do the recovery. The snatch strap is laid out on the ground in the direction the bogged vehicle is to be recovered (either forwards or backwards), with an “S” bend in the middle approximately 1m in length. The recovery vehicle is backed up so that the snatch strap can be attached to a second rated recovery point on the rear of the recovery vehicle. The recovery vehicle then drives off, and the strap begins to stretch, building up potential energy, until the force keeping the vehicle bogged is overcome, at which point the bogged vehicle is pulled forward (or “snatched”, hence the name).




Land Rover Suspension Accessories Make Them That Much Better

Land Rovers are known for their off-road abilities and it all boils down to the suspension system made for each model. The product upgrades mentioned below are for beginners right up to the most advanced over lander that really puts their Land Rover to the test. If you are looking for a slight lift, smoother ride but not take away from it’s off-road ability then be sure to look through everything we have to offer. New aftermarket shocks and springs for the Land Rover Defender can turn it into a smooth riding off-roading machine that does not need a kidney belt. If you are more into the luxury and smooth ride of the Land Rover Discovery 4, Discovery 4 and Ranger Rover series we also have Acrotek Lift Rods that will lift you an extra 2 inches off the ground. There are many aftermarket products available but ours are all tried, tested and have our stamp of approval. We have tried many of the aftermarket Land Rover suspension kits available and have decided to only market what we feel offer a quality ride without losing that off-road and 4×4 ability. We do have a few Landy’s fitted with the products we have on offer, so come pop in for more information and even a test drive.

Acrotek Lift Rods

Easily fitted to your Discovery 3, Discovery 4 and Range Rover Sport which gives you a needed lift in all terrain modes. We recommend you have your alignment checked after fitting these rods as they might slightly adjust/change the camber of your vehicle. Fitting these also allows you to fit larger tyres now that you have the added clearance that in turn makes for a more enjoyable off road experience.


 Heavy Track Shock Absorbers For Land Rover As Well As 4×4’s

All hydraulic shock absorbers work by the principle of converting kinetic energy (movement) into thermic energy (heat). For that purpose, fluid in the shock absorber is forced to flow through restricted outlets and valve systems, thus generating hydraulic resistance. A telescopic shock absorber (damper) can be compressed and extended; the so called bump stroke and rebound stroke.



 Raw Nitro Max Shock Absorber Performance/Stability/Control

Africa’s terrain is some of the most diverse and demanding in the world, which is why it is essential your 4×4 is equipped with the right suspension components. If you are considering fitting aftermarket accessories, traveling prolonged periods on corrugated tracks or just want to improve the performance of your 4WD you need to upgrade your suspension.


 Nitrocharger Shock Absorbers For Land Rovers

Nitrocharger 4×4 shock absorbers were specifically designed with Australia’s unique driving conditions in mind, where vehicles are often heavily loaded, fitted with accessories and driven on harsh, Outback roads for prolonged periods.



Bearmach Designed To Smooth Out Or Damp Shock Impulse

Pneumatic and hydraulic shock absorbers are used in conjunction with cushions and springs. An automobile shock absorber contains spring-loaded check valves and orifices to control the flow of oil through an internal piston. One design consideration, when designing or choosing a shock absorber, is where that energy will go. In most shock absorbers, energy is converted to heat inside the viscous fluid. In hydraulic cylinders, the hydraulic fluid heats up, while in air cylinders, the hot air is usually exhausted to the atmosphere. In other types of shock absorbers, such as electromagnetic types, the dissipated energy can be stored and used later. In general terms, shock absorbers help cushion vehicles on uneven roads.



The Land Rover Discovery 3 & Range Rover Sport Suspension Troubles Are Over

Tired of replacing your front upper and lower control arm bushes on your Discovery 3 or Range Rover Sport? Why not add our range of bushes which last 10 times longer?

This week we are pleased to announce the addition of the Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 and the Range Rover Sport (2005 to 2013) to our product range.

There is a common issue on these vehicles where the oil filled rubber front lower arm bush fails regularly causing vague steering and accelerated tyre wear.

Their new front arm rear bush, PFF32-402, not only offers a reliable solution by using their unique blend of polyurethane but along with the clever use of voiding and inserts, it can be tuned to suit the owners driving requirements whether it be for comfort, off roading or performance driving.

The supplied inserts can be fitted into the ends of each bush, reducing movement in the bush and allowing for less flex.

Leaving the inserts out allows for a suitable amount of compliance for general road and off road use whilst still offering improvements to the handling and steering feel over the original bushes.

PFF32-401 front arm front bush compliments the rear bush by further improving steering response.

Another common fault on these vehicles is a light knocking from the front end. This is generally caused by softened anti roll bar bushes so to remedy this, we have a range of anti roll bar bushes for the Discovery and Sport covering models with and without ACE suspension.

For models with ACE Suspension use PFF32-404-34 Front Anti Roll Bar Bush and PFR32-405-34 Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush.

For models without ACE Suspension use PFF32-403-30 Front Anti Roll Bar Bush and PFR32-405-22 Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush.

Our new stock will be arriving within a week so be sure to contact us for more information as well as place your order to secure the end of your suspension troubles.

Product Pricing Information

The prices shown on our website are per bush. To get the total pack price you will need to multiple this price by the number of bushes per vehicle. 
Bush Price x Qty Per Car = Pack Price

Land Rover Discovery 3, 4 and Range Rover Sport

Part Number Description Quantity Diagram
PFF32-401 Front Arm Front Bush 2 per car 1 R740
PFF32-402 Front Arm Rear Bush 2 per car 2 R1160
PFF32-403-30 Front Anti Roll Bar Bush 30mm 2 per car 3 R360
PFR32-405-22 Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush 22mm 2 per car 10 R385

Here is an example of a common problem and the estimated costs involved

From experience the following stock standard bushes need to be replaced anything from a year to two years at a time due a design flaw.

Description Quantity Price per Set
Front Arm Front Bush Set 2 bushes per set R1480
Front Arm Rear Bush Set 2 bushes per set R2320
Front Anti Roll Bar Bush 30mm Set 2 bushes per set R720
Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush 22mm Set 2 bushes per set R770

This exercise could cost you around R4850 every 1 to 2 years or you could use our Powerflex Bushes which lasts 10 times longer that would only cost you R5420 once off excluding labour. We save you R4280 on the second change and then R5420 every 2 years when you would usually need to change the replacement bushes. Once is all it takes for a safer, smoother and money saving ride.

*The prices mentioned above are only an example and subject to change without prior notice – all prices exclude VAT and labour.


Impact protection for side and bottom of vehicle.

Prevention of “gravel rash”.

Availability of jack connection points, including High-lift.

Prevent damage due to doors being opened against your vehicle in parking areas.


Bash Plates

Provides your vehicle undercarriage with on and off road protection.


Wheel Arch Trims

Wheel arch extension enable the raising of the fender height in order to fit larger tyres and gain maximum articulation, they also protect the body from mud splatter when driving off road.


Cleaner air intake to engine.

Vehicle Enhancement

BF Goodrich Tyres

TOTAL VERSATILITY for maximum driving pleasure on and off road.

These options include:

  • Wide grooves on the shoulders
  • Tread pattern extends on to the sidewalls

EXCELLENT TRACTION on all terrain types (tarmac, gravel, sand, mud, etc.)

  • Aggressive scalloped shoulders
  • Deep, aggressive tread pattern with high sipe density

Exceptional STURDINESS AND LONG LIFE to really push the limits

  • Casing with Trigard structure (three protective plies) for enhanced damage resistance
  • Optimized footprint

Sawtooth Rim

The Defender Sawtooth Alloy Wheel. Also known as the X-Tech Wheel. Only fitted to limited edition Land Rover Defenders.

Fits All Defender Model hubs as long as your vehicle doesn’t have brake drums – early 1983-1990.


Spare Wheel Carrier

This spare wheel carrier has been designed to take the stress off the frame and hinges of the rear door on Defenders where they typically crack over time. On the Disco 3 the main benefit of this carrier compared to others is that it mounts to the body and the chassis thus alleviating any of the above problems, the carrier also gives easy access and gives the car a stylish finish.


The Gullwing window replaces the rear windows of a Defender. This allows easy access to your load area via the side of your vehicle. The Gullwing window can be securely locked. Made from black powder coated aluminium.

Discovery 3 & Range Rover Sport Side Steps

Comfort access and exit, lateral protection, and a whole new look for your Discovery 3 & Range Rover Sport.

Checkered Plate Kit

Aluminium covers provide protection and style for the hood, fenders and sill of your car.

Roll Cage

Enhances vehicle body protection for enthusiasts Defender 90 and 110 station wagon and pick-up full roll cages in breakable kit form.

National Luna Battery System

The National Luna Intelligent Split Charging System allows you to maintain two or more batteries in your vehicle. The Intelligent Solenoid manages the charging of both of them when the vehicle is running, and isolates them when the vehicle is off. It is all automatic. You can monitor the status of the batteries, and manually override the connection from the Dual Battery Controller.

Seat Covers

Canvass seat covers are highly durable; designed to endure extreme climate conditions. They can protect your car seats from water, dirt, heat, mud, and other spills. These covers are known to last longer than the traditional seat covers on the market.

Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers push the wheels out a bit for a wider track, better grip and nicer appearance. We also stock spacer wheel adaptors to fit Discovery 2, 3 & 4 larger rims to your Defenders.

Bush Kit

Full range of polyurethane suspension bushes for Discovery, Range Rover and Defender. Lasts longer than conventional bush kits and provides a comfortable ride.

LED Lights

LED stop, indicator and park lamps. Normally fitted on limited edition Defenders , these LED lights provide high visibility and gives the vehicle a better look.

Spare Wheel Cover

Spare wheel covers in black vinyl and brown canvas provide your spare wheel with protection from harsh weather conditions.


Performance Enhancement

Silicone Hoses

Silicone hoses are more robust and are less prone to wear and tear as they are manufactured with a 6 ply high quality silicone.

Td5/Puma Upgraded Intercooler

This unit will fit all Defenders with either Puma 2.4, 2.2L and TD5 engines with air conditioning. 

Solve your Puma “limp mode” problems forever with this intercooler upgrade.

Make your TD5 the most torquey, reliable unit it can possibly be.

Roughly 300% larger than the size of the standard unit. 

These coolers always ensure a 5 degree below ambient pressure with optimal airflow and cooling properties. A 2 year manufacturer warranty, with 6mm cast tanks, you can be sure that our coolers will not crack or burst.

TDV6 Upgraded Intercooler

We have been made aware of various problems with the original Land Rover intercooler design, primarily due to blocking up of the intercooler core with mud when the cars are used off road, due to the intercooler being mounted at the lowest point in the front of the car.

Our high spec vacuum brazed and TIG welded intercoolers are designed to be easier to clean and less prone to blockage due to the courser, less dense fin design whilst dramatically improving flow, performance and economy even without any further tuning.

Hi-Mount intercooler kit is designed with the more serious off road driver in mind. This kit repositions the intercooler out of the worst of the mud and also allows for the fitment of many of the concealed winch mounts. The cooling surface is marginally reduced in comparison to the Fast Road kit but cooling and performance are dramatically improved over standard.

Turbocharger Upgrades

Add larger turbochargers to your 300 TDI and TD5’s for extra performance and better towing capabilities. Fully Reconditioned Turbo’s can be purchased or we can modify your existing turbo, call Paul to discuss the different options available.

Td5 & TDV6 EGR Blank Off Kit

Fitting of the kit ensures a smoother, unrestricted, clean and cool airflow into the engine, which helps to improve power and torque.

Madman Ems

Engine management system that alerts you on oil pressure and level, water level and temperature, alternator and battery, running hours and exhaust gases.

Are you looking for a styling sticker kit for your Land Rover Defender 90 or 110?

Stockist of sticker kits for the Defender Series so please Contact us and let us know if you would be interested in owning a new set of decals for your Defender.

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