Range Rover New & Used Spare Parts

New and used Land Rover Range Rover new and used parts and spares for sale.


The Range Rover is a large luxury four-wheel drive sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by British car maker Land Rover, a subsidiary of Jaguar Land Rover, and serves as its flagship model.

The model launched in 1970, is now in its fourth generation. Range Rover is also being developed by Land Rover as its premium brand, and it is used as a brand name on two other models – the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport.

The Rover Company (the creator of the Land Rover marque) had been experimenting with a larger model than the Land Rover Series as far back as 1951, when the Rover P4-based two-wheel-drive “Road Rover” project was developed by Gordon Bashford. This was shelved in 1958, and the idea lay dormant until 1966, when engineers Spen King and Gordon Bashford set to work on a new model.

Range Rover

Range Rover Body Parts Front

Range Rover big body headlamps.

Range Rover Body Parts Rear

Call us for good, clean used parts.

Range Rover Engines

All used motors come with a 30 day warranty unless otherwise specified, reconditioned motors come with a 6 month warranty and remanufactured engines with a 12 month / 100 000km warranty. Remanufactured engines free countrywide delivery.

Range Rover Used Doors

New and used front and rear doors for all models.

Door seals, handles, mirrors and locks.

New and used door beads, elbow bead, door glass and central locking motors etc.

Range Rover Electrical Parts

Contact us for pricing on all electrical parts and pumps for the Range Rover.

Range Rover Replacement Glasses

Call us now for used and new prices on door glasses, tail door glasses, windscreens, dome glasses, sunroof glass and fender glasses.

A Full Range of New & Used Range Rover Units Available on Exchange

Used Auto box, transfer box, reconditioned transfer boxes.

Reconditioned front differentials, reconditioned rear differentials and all units are on an exchange basis only.

Range Rover Interior Parts

Complete sets to choose from.

Cluster units, gear knobs, gear boots, dash consoles and centre consoles.

Steering covers, dashboard clocks, cubby hole lids and carpets.

Range Rover Suspension

Front and rear brake pads.


Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport Body Parts Front

Range Rover sport headlamps, 2010 LED headlamps in stock.

Spot lamps and bumpers.

We always have a full range of parts available for Range Rover Sports.

Range Rover Sport Body Parts Rear

If you have an old car to sell or scrap, contact us for a price.

Range Rover Sport Engines

Range Rover Supercharged in stock call for pricing on complete motor.

Engine covers, fuel pumps, injector pumps, used turbo’s.

Cylinder heads, crankshafts, pulleys, contact us for excellent mechanical referrals and dyno tuning.

Range Rover Sport New & Used Doors

If you are looking for new or used door parts, we will use our network base to find what you are looking for.

Range Rover Sport Electrical Parts

Various pumps and electrical spare parts for sale.

ACC Sensor (Adaptive Cruise Control).

Range Rover Sport Glass

Call us for prices on windscreens.

Fitted at our new quality workshop or on site.

Range Rover Sport Gearbox

Units available on exchange basis only.

Used and reconditioned auto box and transfer boxes available.

Reconditioned front and rear differentials.

Range Rover Sport Interior Parts

If you looking to sell or exchange your interior, contact us for more information.

Range Rover Sport Suspension

Differentials, control arms, stub axles, shocks, tie rod ends, bushes, hubs, brake discs and pads.

Steering boxes, drive shafts, cv joints, wheels, tyres etc.

New A.C.E. pumps available.

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